An extensive range of applications is available in pharmaceutical analysis, from rapid quantitative tablet and capsule analysis to incoming materials ID. This application fits both our TRS100 instrument and SORS platforms.

Applications: Security

Our technology is applicable to accurate non-invasive analysis of a wide variety of containers and multi-layer systems. A common application is the ID of contents including explosives, raw materials and mixtures inside opaque or coloured containers where other techniques would likely fail. This fits well with our SORS platform still to do but for vials and other small containers our TRS platform can be a more rapid solution.

Applications: R&D

Applications to biological systems by our non-invasive techniques offer new ways to analyse tissue both in vivo and ex vivo. Various applications are being explored by Cobalt’s partners and customers, including bone disease diagnosis (using SORS) and breast cancer diagnosis (using TRS). Cobalt is developing optimised custom systems for biomedical measurement.