Pharmaceutical Analysis


Content Uniformity and Quantification

Our TRS instruments provide rapid, quantitative analysis of intact solid state samples in capsule, tablet and powder forms. The TRS100 can analyse samples in seconds or less, requires no sample preparation and is easy to operate. A major advantage of transmission Raman is that it samples the entire volume of the tablet or capsule to reduce sub-sampling variations and is not limited to thin samples.

The TRS100

  • Formulation Development
  • QA/QC analysis of finished product
  • Powder blend monitoring

Unlike spectroscopic techniques such as NIR the calibration is simplified and typically requires only a lean set of calibration samples. The analysis is not restricted by particle scattering effects – only the chemical information is measured – so processing steps like granulation, tabletting, roller compaction, etc. do not affect the calibration model.


Materials Identification

Our SORS platforms are ideal for non-invasive analysis in raw materials ID and counterfeit drug detection. RapID’s ability to cleanly extract the Raman spectrum of a chemical from inside opaque containers enables high-throughput verification where opening the packaging adds cost or safety issues.

  • Fast verification of incoming materials
  • Works through sacks, tubs, glass/plastic bottles and other common containers
  • Counterfeit drug detection or monitoring

Unlike other identification technologies SORS does not require either transparent containers or the insertion of a probe into the target material. Identification is possible in seconds and new targets can be added quickly and easily using a small number of samples.

Online Monitoring

Our TRS and SORS technologies allow monitoring in difficult to access areas either with no or minimally invasive probes. SORS and TRS can penetrate plastic tubing, thick sight glasses and fouled windows to determine the composition of the materials within, even in an aqueous environment. Also, with our transmission Raman probe and high throughput LiteThru engine we can analyse tablets in fractions of a second for on-line applications.

  • Continuous monitoring of flow through pipes
  • Monitoring through fouled windows or thick sight glasses
  • Quantitative tablet and capsule analysis
  • Powder blend monitoring