Research & Development

Applications: R&D

Cobalt works closely with research collaborators in developing bespoke instruments based on its SORS and TRS technologies. Research & development applications typically require high quality, stable and reproducible instruments designed to exacting standards. Cobalt’s high-performance LiteThru engine is built to meet such specifications and is used to drive the probes used in our instruments.

SORS allows Raman collection from many millimetres in depth. In biological tissue depths ranging from millimetres to centimetres have been demonstrated for bone monitoring and cancer detection. Also possible is the signal separation of complex stratification in samples, even where their constituents are similar, using multivariate data analysis and measurement probes exclusive to Cobalt Light Systems.

Applications include:

  • Solid state analysis of powders and layered materials
  • Non-invasive characterisation of bone beneath skin
  • Non-invasive characterisation of breast tissue calcifications
  • Tissue scaffold analysis
  • Catalyst analysis

Cobalt works closely with researchers in biomedical fields and has a team that can design and build entire systems integrating precision automation, bespoke software and probe devices.