Insight100 in Airport

Airport Security

Aviation security requirements brought in in 2014 mean that liquids are now screened in many airports throughout Europe, North America and Australia. The SORS technology used in Cobalt Light’s products has proven extremely effective for the screening of liquids. Cobalt produces the leading range of products that can detect threat items in a wide range of containers.

The Cobalt Insight100 range has been specially developed for table-top screening at security checkpoints. Insight100 systems use patented SORS technology for rapid and accurate chemical analysis of substances in unopened non-metallic containers. Cobalt’s unique systems screen liquids, powders and gels with the highest detection capability and lowest false alarm rates of any ECAC-approved scanner, with several hundred units already in use at airports.

Other Security Applications

Cobalt’s ability to identify materials through containers has several applications in other areas of security use. Potential uses include the detection of narcotics, explosives, precursors and toxic chemicals as well as identifying counterfeit products with a wide range of potential users.