Applications: Security

Bottles and containers

Cobalt's patented* SORS technology enables rapid and accurate chemical analysis of substances in unopened non-metallic containers. Typically, spectroscopic analysis through containers is challenging due to interference from the containers – especially if they are coloured, opaque, or have strong spectral signatures. The benefit of the SORS approach is that it provides a clean Raman spectrum of the contents without any a priori knowledge of the composition of the container. Given the intrinsically high chemical specificity of Raman spectroscopy, and the ability of SORS to penetrate challenging non-metallic containers, Cobalt’s technology offers an extremely high probability of detection and an ultra low false alarm rate.

Bottle Screener for Liquids, Powders and Gels

Insight 100

The Insight100 system has been specially developed as a table-top bottle screening device for use at security checkpoints such as airports, secure buildings and other transport hubs. The system screens liquids, powders and gels within sealed container such as glass or plastic bottles, tubs and other common containers. The detection capability is extremely high and the false alarm rates have been demonstrated to be <0.5% (Loeffen, P.W. et al, proc. SPIE, 2011). The Insight100 is an ECAC Type B Standard 3 Liquid Explosive Detection System.


As well as materials verification for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries the RapID system is ideal wherever high-quality materials ID is needed through containers. The RapID probe can be moved to the object to be tested and measures through the container wall. The components are research-grade and the system can be accessed at the spectral data level.






Custom SORS Detection Systems

Custom SORS Detection Systems probe


Cobalt Light Systems produces custom engineered instruments based on our proprietary SORS technology for security applications. This includes SORS systems for proximal stand-off detection (see inset) as well as mobile and portable SORS devices. Please contact us to discuss your particular application and needs.

*Patents: US7,652,763, US7,911,604, US8,159,664, EP1828753, GB2457212, AU2005313145, CN200580047040.0