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Cobalt System in First Human Bone Disease Trial, Plus Historical Bone Disease Studies

Cobalt Light Systems’ Raman Instrument used in non-invasive scanning of patients looking for chronic and debilitating diseases such as osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bone disease) and osteoporosis in new research study.

Transmission Raman Method Gains Regulatory Approval for Content Uniformity Batch Release Test

TRS100 Demo

Cobalt Light Systems is pleased to announce that a major pharmaceutical company has gained regulatory approval to release products using Cobalt’s TRS100 instrument instead of by HPLC.

Cobalt Paper on High-Throughput Transmission Raman Spectroscopy Selected as 'Hot Article'


Paper published in the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Analyst journal, entitled “Development of Transmission Raman Spectroscopy towards the in line, high throughput and non-destructive quantitative analysis of pharmaceutical solid oral dose”, has been selected as a 'Hot Article' and is open access.

Press Coverage for Cobalt’s MacRobert Award Win and Insight100 Bottle Scanner

Cobalt Light Systems won the 2014 MacRobert Award for its Insight100 liquids explosives detection system.  The company’s airport security product faced very stiff competition against some extremely impressive products.  John Robinson FREng, Chair of the MacRobert Award judging panel, said: "The promise of this single fundamental innovation to improve the lives of millions of people in such a variety of ways meant Cobalt stood out in what has been a particularly competitive year for the MacRobert Award.&rd

Cobalt Light Systems Top Ten in the Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100 and Winner of the Tech Track 100 High-Tech Manufacturing Award

Tech Track

Cobalt Light Systems debuts at number 10 in the Tech Track 100 league table, which ranks Britain’s fastest-growing private technology, media and telecoms companies.

Insight100ᴹ Airport Scanner Gains ECAC Approval for New Metals Screening Capability

INSIGHT100m - w can

The Insight100 range of liquids bottle scanners from Cobalt Light Systems is now approved for ECAC standard 3 with all types of containers for type B and A use.  The Insight100M screens metallic containers such as cans, Tetra Paks, foil pouches, aerosol cans, food tins and toothpaste tubes, as well as non-metallic containers, with the best false alarm rates of any LEDS system.  The Insight100M is available now as a new purchase or as an in-field upgrade to existing Insight100 scanners.

Insight Series Ultra-low False Alarms with Water

Cobalt's Insight series of bottled liquids scanners have been rigorously tested on bottled water and found to have a class-leading 0.024% false alarms.  As the regulations governing the allowed flow of traffic through airport security change over the next few years, Cobalt's Insight series will be an excellent choice for screening one of the most common items - bottled water. 

Cobalt Light Systems wins MacRobert Award from Royal Academy of Engineering

3 July 2014 - Cobalt Light Systems has won the prestigious 2014 MacRobert Award for its unique liquids scanner for airports, it was announced last night.

Cobalt Light Systems, which was up against engineering giant Rolls Royce and the fast growing QinetiQ spin-out OptaSense, pioneered a technique to identify, within seconds, the chemical composition of liquids sealed within non-metallic containers without opening them. 

Cobalt Award Announcement Press Coverage

The recent announcement of Cobalt Light Systems’ nomination for the MacRobert Award has sparked a wave of reports and press coverage.  Cobalt is one of three finalists shortlisted for the prestigious award, which is presented by the Royal Academy of Engineering.  

Cobalt announced as MacRobert Award finalist

Cobalt Light Systems has been shortlisted as one of three finalists for the MacRobert Award, presented by the Royal Academy of Engineering, and widely regarded as the UK’s premier engineering prize. Previous winners include Rolls Royce for the Trent Aero Engine and recently Jaguar Land Rover for the Range Rover Evoque. The nomination is for Cobalt’s cutting-edge technology for analysing the composition of chemicals sealed within non-metallic containers, without opening them, in just a few seconds.