Cobalt Expansion Leads to Relocation

Brook House

Cobalt Light Systems has relocated to larger premises. Things have been going well for the Oxford, UK based company since it started business in July 2008, despite the turmoil of the global economy over the last few years. Their products target key applications in Security and Pharmaceutical markets globally.

Cobalt has seen increasing demand for their instruments in security (Insight100) and pharmaceutical analysis (RapID and TRS100). This has led to an urgent need for an increased manufacturing capability and new product development facilities. Paul Loeffen, CEO, said “It is great to see our hard work over the last few years rewarded by tangible success – the move to new premises is part of our strategy to continue growing the company at a very fast rate”.

The company has commercialised a variety of analytical instruments based on Raman Spectroscopy including a novel and patented technology known as Spatially Offset Raman Spectroscopy (SORS). RapID utilises SORS to enable raw materials verification without time consuming and expensive container sampling. RapID provides fast and accurate raw materials verification through a range of packaging materials, which may be paper sacks, glass bottles, plastic tubs etc.; no need to open and sample each container. TRS100 uses transmission Raman spectroscopy (TRS) in pharmaceutical quality control for non-destructive and non-invasive content uniformity analysis of capsules and coated tablets; no sample preparation or skilled operator is required. Both systems offer significant time and cost savings when compared with traditional techniques – an attractive proposition in the expensive and highly regulated world of Pharmaceuticals.

For applications in security markets Cobalt offers the Insight100 which is used to quickly screen bottles and other containers at airports. The system screens liquids, powders and gels in common containers and identifies a wide range of threats such as explosives. As countries around the world consider allowing passengers to take their bottles on to aircraft again an effective solution is required for screening accurately and quickly. Insight100 takes 5 seconds for a measurement and can uniquely identify threats through most bottles and containers carried by passengers.

The company moves into their new premises at 174 Brook Drive, Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 4SD, UK on December 17th.