Cobalt develops products for several markets. As well as our standard products we make bespoke instruments for researchers and applications developers. Please contact us for more details.

Product Image: TRS100d

The TRS100 enables rapid analysis in Pharmaceutical Development Services, QC/QA, Research & Development and Manufacturing.

Product Image: insight

INSIGHT100 and INSIGHT100M are table-top container-screening devices for use at security checkpoints such as airports, government buildings and other passenger hubs. The system screens liquids, powders or gels, within sealed containers such as glass or plastic bottles, tubs and other common containers. The detection capability is extremely high and false alarm rates are negligibly small. To screen a bottle takes less between 5-8 seconds, which allows a rapid flow of commerce. 


RapID is the next generation in materials verification, extending high throughput spectroscopic identification capability from clear containers to non-transparent and coloured containers and even layered paper or plastic sacks.

Product Image: Litethru Engine2

The LiteThru engine powers many of our standard and custom instruments and is optimised for SORS and TRS applications.

Product Image: Custom Systems

Cobalt produces customised TRS and SORS instruments. Typically this is a stock or customised probe attached to our LiteThru engine. However we provide bespoke systems for particular needs and customised versions of our stock instruments. Please contact us to discuss your application and needs.