Custom Instruments

Product Image: Custom Systems

Cobalt supplies bespoke systems for:

Complete Systems

Cobalt designs and manufactures complete bespoke systems for research and development. Cobalt delivers complete solutions tailored for your end application combining expertise in SORS, TRS and conventional backscatter Raman with product design, precision automation and software development.

LiteThru™ Engine

LiteThru™ EngineFor rapid and cost-effective development Cobalt uses its LiteThru Engine, which combines a SORS/TRS-enabled spectroscopic system with control and interfacing electronics for our automated analysis probes. The LiteThru Engine is available as a rackmount or standalone unit for driving Cobalt’s SORS and TRS probes in a production or research environment; it is a self-contained unit driven by dedicated PC software that allows full control of all aspects of its operation.


ProbesThe LiteThru™ Engine is fibre-coupled to a Cobalt probe unit. Cobalt’s probes are self-contained high-performance measurement devices with precision movement systems for controlling spatial offset and other parameters. The engine contains the electronics and optics to power the probe and the connection to the probe can be metres or tens of metres long.

Several are available, including the inverse SORS probe (left) for biomedical applications. Standard SORS probes are available and can be customised to particular applications. Details available on request.

Transmission Raman probes are available for sample analysis in a variety of environments, including online production monitoring.


AutomationCobalt has the capability of delivering complex automated solutions for almost any environment to combine its technologies with customer requirements. The system to the right was designed and built by Cobalt and combines 2-colour SORS with a micron precision 6-axis movement assembly. The software interface was created for easy control and integration with the customer’s existing computer systems.