Insight100 Liquid Explosive Detection System

INSIGHT100m - w can

Insight100 in airport

The Insight100 is a liquid explosive detection system (LEDS) based on Cobalt’s proprietary SORS (spatially offset Raman spectroscopy) technology. This uniquely allows liquids to be screened through a wide-range of non-metallic containers in just 5 seconds. As well as detecting the threat the Insight100 also identifies the specific threat material by name. The system has an exceptionally high detection performance coupled with an ultra-low false alarm rate.

  • ECAC standard 3 (Type B and A)
  • False alarm rate consistently below 1% operationally
  • Fast and easy to use, always 5 second scans
  • Detects and identifies threat liquids
  • Very large install base (in Europe and Australia)
  • Screens non-metallic containers; identifies metal
Items False Alarm Rate
Non-metallic items <1%
Bottled Water ≈0.02%

False alarm rates of the Insight100 system as a stand-alone machine

The Insight100 range has proven low false alarm rates (FAR) in the field as well as in laboratory tests. Operational FARs for non-metallic items from the first phase of LAGs screening in Europe are consistently better than 1%. Bottled water is especially impressive with FARs of just 1 in 4,000 bottles (≈0.02%) across a broad range of bottles and types of water.

Stand-alone or combination use

The Insight100 has been deployed in more than 65 airports throughout Europe and Australia either as a stand-alone unit, or commonly in combination with Type C LEDS or other Type B systems. The typical false alarm rates in such combinations are consistently the best available compared to competitor systems.

Combination False Alarm Rate
Type B 0.3%
Type C 0.7%

False alarm rates of the Insight100 system when used in combination with other systems

System Operation

The Insight100 easily screens partially filled containers, as well as STEBS and unusual bottle shapes and sizes. The system has no problem screening containers of 10ml or greater as well as large containers up to 3l.

The Insight100 has a very high operational reliability with an MTBF (mean time between failure) typically well above one year.

Overview Management Server


Airports with several Insight100 systems can readily network them for centralised management using the Overview software product, which can be purchased separately.


A new variant of the Insight100 has just been approved which can also screen metals, Insight100M ; an in-field upgrade of the Insight100 to Insight100M is available.