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TRS100 & RapID: Pharma QC Solutions Seminar - Rome

29 March 2017

Join Diessechem, Cobalt's pharmaceutical products partner in Italy, for an introduction to Cobalt's pharmaceutical QC products:

  • Raw Materials ID – RapID enables 100% materials verification through unopened paper sacks, plastic bottles and other containers. Cobalt’s unique SORS method reduces costs for reliable materials ID verification in 5-20 seconds with no sampling booth.
  • Content Uniformity – TRS100 replaces HPLC in a content uniformity workflow with Transmission Raman spectroscopy for CU (including polymorph) testing of intact tablets, capsules and powders. Measurements take seconds and sample preparation/consumables are not required.

RapID and TRS100 are in use at 21 of the top 25 global pharmaceutical companies.

If you would like to attend, get in touch.