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TRS100 & RapID: Pharma QC Solutions Seminar - Frankfurt

25 October 2017 09:00 - 14:00

Join Analyticon, Cobalt's pharmaceutical products partner in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, for an introduction to Cobalt's pharmaceutical QC products in Frankfurt. We will be running demos on both the TRS100 and RapID systems and Cobalt's experts will be on-hand to discuss your application needs:

  • Raw Materials ID – RapID enables 100% materials verification through unopened paper sacks, plastic bottles and other containers. Cobalt’s unique SORS method reduces costs for reliable materials ID verification in 5-20 seconds with no sampling booth.
  • Content Uniformity – TRS100 replaces HPLC in a content uniformity workflow with Transmission Raman spectroscopy for CU (including polymorph) testing of intact tablets, capsules and powders. Measurements take seconds and sample preparation/consumables are not required.

RapID and TRS100 are in use at 21 of the top 25 global pharmaceutical companies.

If you would like to attend, get in touch.