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HotZone - Houston

20 October 2017 - 21 October 2017

Cobalt Light Systems will be exhibiting and coordinating a workshop at HotZone in Houston. Come to the Cobalt booth, #119, for a hands-on Resolve demo, and see how the next generation handheld Raman system identifies chemicals through opaque container materials like colored plastics, dark glass, envelopes, packaging and more.

Sign up for our 90-minute hands-on workshop in the event program:

  • Downrange Chemical Identification: Opaque Containers and Residues
  • Presented by Dr. Eric Roy (Cobalt Light Systems)
  • Saturday 21st October @ 8.00 AM

Handheld Raman-based chemical detectors have been used by Hazmat, Military, and Security personnel to identify unknown chemicals for more than a decade. However, traditional Raman detectors are limited in their use because they cannot identify chemicals found inside thick, opaque or colored packaging/containers. Additionally, these systems are also unreliable in identifying liquid and powder residues on surfaces. These two operational limitations decrease efficiency in the hot zone and increase the risk to the operator and, in some cases, the public.

In this workshop, a handheld Raman-based detector with expanded capabilities will be demonstrated in the context of First Responders, and users will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in:

1. Analyzing unknown materials inside opaque containers (envelopes, gas cans, bottles).
2. Sampling techniques that allow for confident identification of liquid and powder chemical residues where there is not enough sample to collect into a vial.