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Diessechem and Cobalt Host TRS100 & RapID Pharmaceutical Seminar in Rome

Cobalt’s Italian partner, Diessechem s.r.l., hosted more than 30 attendees at a pharmaceutical seminar in Pomezia, near Rome, on the 29th of March. The seminar - the first of its kind in Italy - focused on Cobalt’s TRS100 and RapID systems, with technical presentations, live demonstrations and hands-on activities throughout the day.

The programme was chaired by Diessechem’s Sales Manager, Gabriele Moretti. Alessio de Minicis gave an introduction to Cobalt’s technologies and this was followed by in-depth technical talks on transmission Raman spectroscopy (TRS) from Dr Darren Andrews, Cobalt’s Business Development Director, and Dr Julia Griffen, Cobalt’s TRS Applications Scientist. The attendees were updated on application development of TRS methods. The regulatory approval process was discussed in detail and successful regulatory submissions from a growing number of pharmaceutical companies were highlighted.

Darren Andrews said, “the interest in Cobalt’s technologies was exciting to see. Julia and I were pleased to be able to update the audience on the benefits of TRS for method development and the regulatory approvals side – which is often the part that’s most interesting for companies wanting to invest in reducing their HPLC costs.”

Cobalt’s RapID and TRS100 systems are used by 21 of the top 25 global pharmaceutical companies, and at many more small and medium sized firms:

  • RapID enables portable raw material ID verification through opaque and coloured containers. Compatible with most containers, APIs and excipients, RapID is the fastest way to verify pharmaceutical raw materials and the most cost-effective means for high throughput or 100% testing.
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers are increasingly using Cobalt's TRS100 system for content uniformity testing of tablets and capsules in production environments and polymorph quantification in R&D. TRS is attractive because of the benefits it offers in speed of measurement, ease of method development, robustness to sample presentation, lack of preparation time, avoidance of solvents/consumables and the significant cost that can be saved per batch test.

This event follows Cobalt’s UK TRS seminar, which was the world’s first transmission Raman seminar and featured presentations from leading pharmaceutical companies, including Bristol-Myers Squibb, GlaxoSmithKline and Janssen Pharmaceutica. The presentations are available to view here.