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The Insight100™ is a liquid explosive detection system (LEDS) based on Cobalt’s proprietary SORS™ technology. This uniquely allows liquids to be screened through a wide-range of non-metallic containers in just 5 seconds

Exceptional Detection with an Ultra-low False Alarm Rate

Threats Identified and Named Onscreen

  • ECAC standard 3 (Type B and A)
  • False alarm rate consistently below 1% operationally
  • Fast and easy to use, always 5 second scans
  • Detects and identifies threat liquids
  • Very large install base (in Europe and Australia)
  • Screens non-metallic containers; identifies metal

Proven in the field

The Insight100 range has proven low false alarm rates (FAR) in the field as well as in laboratory tests. Operational FARs for non-metallic items from the first phase of LAGs screening in Europe are consistently better than 1%. Bottled water is especially impressive with FARs of just 1 in 4,000 bottles (≈0.02%) across a broad range of bottles and types of water.

Items False Alarm Rate
Non-metallic items <1%
Bottled Water ≈0.02%

False alarm rates of the Insight100 system as a stand-alone machine


All of Cobalt's Insight scanners can be continuously monitored and managed by a centralised software system – the Overview Management Server. The software enables scheduled reporting for regulatory compliance monitoring.


A new variant of the Insight100 has recently been approved which can also screen metals, Insight100M; an in-field upgrade of the Insight100 to Insight100M is available.

Flexible Insight100 System Deployment

Stand-alone or Combination Use

System Operation

The Insight100 screens partially filled containers as well as STEBS and unusual bottle shapes/sizes. The system has no problem screening containers of 10ml or greater as well as large containers up to 3l. The Insight100 can also screen combustible liquids.

The Insight100 has a very high operational reliability with an MTBF (mean time between failure) typically well above one year.

Insight100 type C&D screening

Insight100 type C&D screening

The Insight100 has been deployed in more than 65 airports throughout Europe and Australia either as a stand-alone unit, or commonly in combination with Type C LEDS or other Type B systems. The typical false alarm rates in such combinations are consistently the best available compared to competitor systems.

Combination False Alarm Rate
Type B 0.3%
Type C 0.7%

False alarm rates of the Insight100 system when used in combination with other systems

Dimensions: 823 mm wide / 561 mm high / 611 mm deep

Types of container Glass: opaque, coloured, clear, frosted
Plastic: opaque, coloured, clear, frosted
Cardboard / Paper
Metal containers: identified but not screened (see Insight100M for metals screening)
Container size Any shape up to 33cm (13”) high
Contents from 10ml to >3 litres
Contents Liquids, aerosols, gels and other consumer items
Partially-filled containers and small liquid volume (<10ml)
Works with dense or viscous liquids, e.g., honey or syrup
Safety Class 1 laser system – interlocked
CE marked
Power requirements 90-264VAC 50-60Hz
<200W continuous
Connectivity Ethernet and USB 2.0

Overview Server Product Note


Insight100 and Insight100M Product Note


Insight100 Water False Alarm Rates

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