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Overview™ is a centralised reporting and system management server for Insight™ bottle scanners. Accessible from any PC via a secure login, Overview works remotely with multiple Insight systems

Compliance Reporting Made Easy

Manage Multiple Systems from a Single PC

Overview provides centralised management and reporting of Cobalt’s Insight series of liquids and bottle scanners. Accessible via a simple and secure web browser interface, Overview is easily scalable and monitors/reports across multiple checkpoints, terminals and airports. It uses common server software and can be installed on modest hardware or as a virtual machine.


Each Insight system is continuously monitored and real-time reports can be generated by machine, group or location. Reports can be scheduled for management oversight, and summaries by scanner or groups of scanners produce the data required for regulatory compliance or SeMS reporting.


Overview enables the setting of permissions and records logins and usage from a simple web control interface. Permissions can be set by user group and location. System configurations can be changed as required across all or some machines. Upgrades to the Insight software can be pushed to the machines from the management console, reducing system downtime.


Overview runs on modest hardware and is configurable for access on an internal network and, optionally, via a secure web interface from other network locations, including the internet.

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