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The TRS100™ range of sample trays for tablets, capsules, liquids and powders

Standard Trays

Tablets, capsules and other pharmaceutical samples come in many shapes and sizes. Cobalt’s range of standard trays can accommodate almost any pharmaceutical product. However, if a standard tray is not quite right, Cobalt can create one to suit your exact needs.

Tray System

Cobalt's flexible tray system makes inserting samples in the TRS100 quick and easy. Trays have a large 300cm2 surface to accommodate many samples at once – around 100-200 tablets or capsules per tray. Samples can be of mixed sizes or all the same. The tray has an intuitive magnetic mounting system that locks the tray in position inside the instrument. The tray can be removed by simply lifting it away from the tray arm, with no unlocking procedure.

Angled Trays

The TRS100 has a large working distance above the tray that enables tall objects, such as vials and cuvettes, to be mounted in the trays. For capsules and vials, an angled position ensures that powder inside is at the bottom to give the maximum signal.

Micro-Titre Plates & Custom Trays

The large tray area accommodates two 96-well plates for high throughput screening, e.g., as a pre-screen for XRPD analysis. For powder samples, Cobalt recommends using ZipLoc bags, which are ideally suited to TRS measurements of powders and are easy to use and disposable. They are loaded flat and held in place with a secure top-plate. This makes powder measurements consistent and allows homogeneity of the mixture to be characterised as well.


Beam Enhancer™ Trays

Cobalt has a proprietary technology for significantly increasing the signal intensity from a powder or tablet sample. The Beam Enhancer trays hold a special optical disc on which the sample sits. This special enhancer reflects back-scattered photons back into the sample, resulting in up to 15x signal increase (or a 15x reduction in the required exposure time) compared with using no enhancer.

To enquire about custom tray design for a TRS100 system, contact Cobalt or your local distributor.