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Agilent, formerly Cobalt Light Systems, designs and manufactures innovative products for safe, accurate and rapid screening of containers for detection of hazardous substances

Airport Security

Aviation security requirements adopted in 2014 require liquids to be screened at most airports throughout Europe, North America and Australia.

Our unique Spatially Offset Raman Spectroscopy (SORS™) technology has proven extremely effective at screening liquids, aerosols and gels with extremely low false alarm rates. SORS is compatible with a wide range of containers, including coloured, opaque or clear plastics, glass and paper, as well as duty-free bottles in STEBs (secure tamper-evident bags).

The Insight Range

Our award-winning Insight range has been specially developed for table-top screening at security checkpoints. Insight systems use our patented SORS technology for rapid and accurate chemical analysis of substances in unopened non-metallic containers. Insight100M™ and the latest member of the range - Insight200M™ - also screen metallic containers.

Our unique systems screen liquids, aerosols and gels with the highest detection capability and lowest false alarm rates of any ECAC-approved scanner, with several hundred units already in use at airports including eight of the top ten European hubs.

Other Security Applications

SORS technology can see through containers/barriers to find or identify:

  • Acids and toxic industrial chemicals
  • Explosives and precursors
  • Chemical warfare agents
  • Narcotics and precursors
  • Flammable and hazardous materials

Security professionals including emergency responders and military personnel require tools which enable fast, accurate and safe screening of parcels and containers. The unique ability of SORS - to accurately identify materials without opening or even disturbing the container - allows for safer sample handling, and this has the potential to revolutionise many security screening applications.